Ben Salem United Church of Christ - Lehighton, PA


ORDERS DUE: November 5
PICK-UP November 16 (10:30 AM – NOON)

   NAME_____________________________________   PHONE #___________________


   PLAIN – HAM, SALAMI, CHEESE, LETTUCE & TOMATOES (no onions or peppers)


   PLAIN                    ________            WITH HOT PEPPERS (no onions) _________

   WITH ONIONS ________                 WITH ONIONS & HOT PEPPERS     _________


   TOTAL # ORDERED ______ @ $5.00 EACH     TOTAL AMOUNT DUE $__________


Place order form in box in narthex or call Sue Messina at 570-386-2880.


Price $8.00 for 9 inch pie

Deadline for orders – October 22
Pick-up - Saturday, November 4
from Noon - 1:00 P.M.
at the Fellowship Hall.

_____ pies @ $8.00 = $_______
PHONE NO. ______________

Place order form in box in narthex or call Sue at 570-386-2880



Poinsettias for Christmas

Sponsored by the Ben Salem Youth Group

Deadline for orders is December 3rd

Cost of Plant:  $8.00  (6.5” Pot, 8+ Flowers)



Orders may be placed in memory of someone, to the Glory of God, or in honor of someone.  Plants can be picked up after the Christmas Eve Services on December 24.  Payment should accompany the order.  Checks should be made payable to the Ben Salem Youth Group.  Please place your orders in the box located in the Narthex of the Church.  If you prefer to mail your order, please mail to:  Amy Lusch, 6 Clearview Crossing Road, Tamaqua, PA 18252.   Any questions, please call Amy at 570-386-5816.The Youth group greatly appreciates your support!


In Memory of_____________________________by________________________________


In Memory of_____________________________by________________________________


In Honor of______________________________by________________________________


In Honor of______________________________by________________________________


To the Glory of God by_______________________________________________________


To the Glory of God by_______________________________________________________


Name of Person Ordering:____________________________Phone Number:____________


Number of Poinsettias Ordered__________    Total Amount Enclosed $___________