Ben Salem United Church of Christ - Lehighton, PA
Ben Salem's Hosting Week
Ben Salem’s Family Promise Program continues to look for new volunteers! Help is needed to prepare meals (can be dropped off or picked up), serve meals and eat with the families, watch movies/play games with the children, and stay overnight in a private
room. Each shift is only a few short hours. Here are the Hosting Dates for 2019:

October 6th – October 12th
November 10th -16th

Please consider helping out! Contact:  Karen Hayman at 570-241-7842

 Homelessness is most definitely part of our local community. I am so proud to have each one of you representing our Church and helping these families in whatever way we can. God's love shines through each and every one of you! There are still a few volunteer slots available. As always, monetary donations will be used to purchase items needed during the week.

Wish List:  The Family Promise Day Center is in need of paper towels, trash bags, and any outdoor tools.  Donations can be dropped off at the Day Center during the week.

Shifts & Responsibilities
Dinner Shift (5-7 pm)·        
  • Bring / cook meals and eat with guests·        
  • Help set up, clean up and do dishes if so desire·        
  • Pack a bag lunch or leftovers if desired  
Fellowship Shift (7-9 pm)·        
  • Interact with families, especially children·        
  • Play games with kids, help with homework, watch DVD, color, do puzzles, crafts, cards, PS3 or Wii·        
  • At around 8:30 or so, ask if anyone wants a snack
Overnight/Breakfast Shift (9-6:30 am)Nighttime·        
  • Interact with families before bedtime·        
  • Lock social hall door (all other doors will be locked already)  
  • Go to bed – you may want to bring your own pillow
  • Get up at about 5:30 am. 
  • Guests should wake up themselves, but if mom are not awake by 5:45, knock on door·        
  • Set out breakfast stuff & make coffee·        
  • Get any bagged lunches ready and put on rolling metal table and set by exit door·        
  • Bus will arrive at about 6 am. 
  • Invite driver in for coffee.·        
  • After families leave: 
     o   Make sure all appliances (toaster, coffee machine) are turned off and unplugged
     o   Walk through all 4 bathrooms making sure water is off, lights are off and toilets are not running
     o   Walk through building to make sure lights are of
     fo   Make sure exit door is still locked, then you may leave
Scheduling Volunteers for next hosting week
If you would like to volunteer, please contact Karen or register online using form below.
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