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Need Assistance or Help?

Carbon County Action Committee for Human Services in Lehighton

267 South 2nd Street

Lehighton, Pa


This organization is a private, non-profit social service agency. It administers many of the following porgrams for Carbon County residents. Income restrictions apply. Some programs they offer are:

  • Weatherization
  • Homemaker Assistance - for disabled folks 18-59
  • Emergency Homeless Assistance - help with security deposit or rent
  • Emergency Energy Assistance - through County Assistance Office (610-377-9073)
  • Electricity Help
  • Help for First-Time Buyers
  • Miscellaneous Emergency Services - Food, prevent utility shut-off, gasoline, bus tickets, medications, emergency housing (funded through United Way & several local churches)

206 North 2nd Street

Pottsville, PA 17901

(570) 622-1995

This organization utilizes a comprehensive Assessment/ Empowerment approach to provide needed programs to the economically disadvantaged residents of Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. Services available at SCA are intended to meet the immediate and long-term needs of agency consumers. Assistance ranges from meeting basic food and shelter needs to services which encourage long-term self-sufficiency such as case management, financial counseling, housing rehabilitation and home ownership assistance. SCA is firmly committed to the provision of assistance regardless of race, color, age, national origin, sex, familial status or disability. Some programs they offer are:

Are you over 60?

Are you aware of all the benefits you may be eligible for in Pennsylvania?

[Help with heat, water, gas, rent, etc.]

Path Stone is currently participating in a program to determine all the programs that may be of interest to you.

Schedule an appointment for your benefits check-up.

[This is a totally free program]

Call Path Stone at: 570-325-9444

IF you are: age 60 and above; a Carbon County resident,

and low income: Then you may qualify for the

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. [SNAP]

Why apply?

* You’ll get healthy food for yourself and your family.

SNAP can be used to buy healthy foods for your

household, such as fruits and vegetables, breads,

meats, and dairy products. On average, SNAP

provides a senior living along with $119 a month

to buy healthy food.

* You can get help from SNAP if you have limited

income and resources. You may also qualify if you

have high medical and living expenses.

* The amount you receive may depend on two things.

Household income from all sources, such as money

you get from a job, Social Security, SSI, or interest;

and how many people live in your household.

Call Path Stone at 570-325-9444

Department of Public Welfare

The mission of the Department of Public Welfare is to:

Promote, improve and sustain the quality of family life;

Break the cycle of dependency;

Promote respect for employees;

Protect and serve Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable citizens; and

Manage our resources effectively.

For more information, please visit

or call 1-800-692-7462 or 570-621-3072

*not just for welfare recipients, administers energy assistance.

Administration on Aging (AoA)

The Administration on Aging is pleased to provide the following resources to connect older persons, caregivers and professionals to important federal, state, and local programs. Go to:

Re-Entry Resources

For a listing of resources for individuals reentering society after incarceration, such as Prisoner Re-Entry Initiative (PRI). Visit:

Carbon County

Schuylkill County

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