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Family Promise Hosting

Thank you to everyone who helped with Family Promise in December. We served 4 families of 15 people (6 adults, 1 teenager, 5 kids, and 3 infants). Everyone was thankful for the delicious meals and treats that were delivered. NEW FOR 2023…. Look for upcoming changes! Family Promise will be using grant money through Second Harvest and working with Giant and food banks to purchase food for the families to cook on their own. Churches will still be asked to help with

monetary donations and perhaps to sponsor food for a week or two. They are currently looking for volunteers to help coordinate this or to pick/up deliver groceries when needed. Volunteers can also schedule to come in and cook with the families. To all the Volunteers who have helped over the past many years, I sincerely say “Thank You!” I would love to hear from as many of you as possible as to how you feel about these changes, and how Ben Salem should proceed with our involvement to continue helping our local families in need. These suggestions will be passed on to the Mission Committee for further discussion.

Ben Salem’s Family Promise Program continues to look for new volunteers! Help is needed to prepare meals (can be dropped off or picked up), serve meals and eat with the families, watch movies/play games with the children, and stay overnight in a private

room. Each shift is only a few short hours. 

Hosting Dates for 2023:



Meal Sign Up

Sign-Up Genius:

Please consider helping out! Contact: Karen Hayman at

 Homelessness is most definitely part of our local community. I am so proud to have each one of you representing our Church and helping these families in whatever way we can. God's love shines through each and every one of you! There are still a few volunteer slots available. As always, monetary donations will be used to purchase items needed during the week.

Scheduling Volunteers for next hosting week

If you would like to volunteer, please contact Karen or register online using form below.

Family Promise Volunteer

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Please list names of other volunteers who will be joining you

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