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Meals Ministry

We now have a Meals Ministry Program!! The Meals Ministry is designed to help ease the daily burdens of families or individuals within our church and community by providing ready-to-eat meals. This ministry is carried out by volunteers of Ben Salem UCC. A small gesture, like providing a meal, can be a blessing both to the giver and receiver.

Who Can Receive Meals?

Any family or individual experiencing one of the following events: birth of a child, death in the family, emergencies, hospitalizations, serious injuries/illnesses, or other hardships.

How Does the Meals Ministry Find Out About People Who Need Help?

Never assume that the Meals Ministry is aware of a family that needs help with meals. We encourage individuals to contact the Church Office or the Meals Ministry Coordinator regarding their own family whenever the need arises.

What Are the Requirements to Volunteer?

Anyone who has a desire to serve one another in love can provide this ministry. Meals do not have to be fancy or gourmet. In times of need, a friendly face and a delivered meal are true gifts. 

Does the Meal Need to Be Homemade?

Not necessarily. There may be times when you may not be able to provide a homemade meal due to your own personal circumstances. Please do not let that keep you from joining our Meals Ministry. The meal can be homemade, store bought (i.e., rotisserie chicken, bagged salad, and rolls), restaurant take-out, or frozen. We ask that you try to focus on fresh, healthy foods whenever possible.

            If you would like to volunteer with this ministry or if you know of someone in need of meals, please contact Karen Hayman or call the Church Office.

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