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TITLE: Organist/Choir Director

QUALIFICATIONS: Incumbent shall be an accomplished keyboard (organ/piano) musician with experience in sacred choral music and choral direction.

REPORTS TO: Reports to and coordinates with the Pastor in selecting and providing music appropriate for worship services and special events.

LOCATION: Primary location for performing duties is the Church sanctuary and associated spaces with keyboard instruments.

PURPOSE: Performs those work functions required to insure that the sacred music selected and performed by his or her self as well as the performance of the choir contributes directly to the appreciation and effectiveness of the many and varied worship activities of the Church.


1. The Organist/ Choir Director in consultation and cooperation with the Pastor shall be responsible for the traditional services music program of the church and the direction and maintenance of the Senior Choir.

2. Provide for the conduct of regular rehearsal sessions with the senior choir – preferably on a weekly basis with the time and days established by the Director. Primary objective is to ensure adequate and meaningful music presentations at services where a choir program is appropriate.

3. The church console and other keyboard instruments shall be available to the Organist/Choir Director for rehearsal purposes at his/her discretion.

4. Incumbent, in conjunction with the Pastor, shall be responsible for scheduling two (02) special choir programs each year.

5. Coordinate and arrange for guest musicians and soloists as needed.


1. Must be physically able to access the organ console and utilize both the keyboard and foot register in playing the instrument.


1. Consult with the Pastor and Church Board in developing and leading inspirational music in the Church’s worship services.

2. At the incumbent’s discretion, performance for special events like weddings and funerals will be conducted on request with the fee for such performances to be negotiated with and paid directly by the contracting party.

 3. The Organist/Choir director shall establish and maintain a complete list of choir members, encouraging them in their efforts and contribution. He/She shall be vigilant in acquiring new and interested members in choir participation.

4. The Organist/Choir Director shall consult with the Pastor and in association with him/her, select music and hymns for publishing in the weekly bulletin.

5. The incumbent shall submit budget encompassing new music and other related material to the Stewardship and Finance Committee in accordance with the normal budgeting process.

6. Function as a member of the Worship Committee.


Part Time position with a basic work schedule to encompass the traditional worship services, special worship services as well as scheduled rehearsal activities.

At the option of the Organist/Choir Director, playing for weddings and funerals may be performed on request, with the fee for the activity being established in consultation with the Pastor and paid directly and separately by the contracting parties.

Appropriate and ample notice shall be provided to the Pastor and substitute organist for authorized absences. Absences exceeding the maximum authorized time off shall entitle the substitute to be paid from the budgeted monies for the Organist/Choir Director.

Salary and benefits shall be established in accordance with the salary and benefit policy adopted by the Church Board.

 In accordance with state and federal law, reasonable accommodations will be considered upon employee request.

 Accepted and approved at Nov. 16, 2009 Church Board Meeting


  • Allen Organ-1978 (oscillator organ)
  • Yamaha Clavinova-2008
  • Acoustic piano

Organist's Music Ministry

  • Senior Choir
  • Junior Choir


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